Rain in the Forecast for the Latter Days

If you Google “the latter rain,” you might be surprised how popular the term is. You will find websites from Christian ministries, Jewish organizations, Gospel Singing Groups, and even a water distribution company! However, if you Google “the latter rain Isaiah,” the website for Mr. Conis’ book (www.thelatterrain.net) becomes the first site on the very first page. Hence, this book, The Latter Rain, is perhaps the first book to link the Book of Isaiah with this curious subject of rain in the latter days.

By defining the spiritual types found in the Book of Isaiah, Mr. Conis creates a framework of symbolism, which is then used to analyze many of the prophecies contained in the Bible. One of Isaiah’s symbolic types is that of “rain.” Rain means revelation, and apparently from the Bible we are to receive both a Former Rain and a Latter Rain. The period of time in the middle of these two great eras, would then be a great period of spiritual famine, when no revelation from God falls from Heaven. The Latter Rain examines this and other symbolic types introduced by Isaiah, using them to give a straight forward analysis of what the ancient prophets—from Moses in the Book of Genesis to the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation—are telling us about the coming forth of new revelation from heaven in the latter days.

The Latter Rain is also available in eBook format through Amazon.com



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